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Revitalizing Himalayas with Young Mountain Tea

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Young Mountain Tea’s Visionary Beginnings:

Young Mountain Tea, born from a promise and a Fulbright Fellowship, is transforming the Indian tea industry. Raj Vable, the founder, envisioned a world where Himalayan farmers are not just producers but owners, prioritizing quality over quantity. This vision led to the establishment of Young Mountain Tea, a company dedicated to elevating the quality of Himalayan tea and, in turn, improving the livelihoods of the farmers and their communities.

Empowering Himalayan Communities:

Raj’s journey with tea is deeply personal. From meeting his wife, Mitra, over a cup of tea, to uniting Himalayan tea makers with global tea tasters, tea has been the catalyst for change in his life and the lives of many Himalayan villagers. Young Mountain Tea’s focus is on rethinking the entire tea value chain, ensuring transparency in supply chains, and building a market for organic specialty tea in America. With a processing facility primarily staffed by women, the company is not just about producing tea; it’s about creating sustainable livelihoods.

The Impact of Young Mountain Tea:

The company’s approach to changing the world begins in the Himalayas, addressing the issue of urban migration that has left villages deserted and farmlands unstable. By reviving abandoned tea gardens, Young Mountain Tea is helping to stabilize rural communities and prevent environmental degradation. The company’s practices exemplify the potential of regenerative agriculture in addressing both food system change and climate change.

Supporting Sustainable Change:

You can be a part of this remarkable journey by exploring Young Mountain Tea’s collection on their website, where signing up for their newsletter gets you a free pouch of their popular Nepali Golden Black tea. Introduce their teas to local grocery stores, share the brand with friends, and follow their social media channels to stay updated on new flavors and promotions.

For a deeper understanding of Young Mountain Tea’s transformative mission and Raj Vable’s inspiring journey, don’t forget to read the full blog article here. It offers an in-depth look at how one company’s vision is rejuvenating Himalayan communities and reshaping the global tea industry.

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