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10 Accessible Adventures on Catalina Island

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Embark on an Island Escape

Situated about 30 miles off the Southern California coastline, Catalina Island is easily accessible via a quick 1-hour ferry ride from Los Angeles and Orange County, and roughly 90 minutes from San Diego. Despite its proximity to the mainland, Catalina’s charming isolation, with its population of around 4,000 residents and spanning approximately 22 miles in length, offers an ideal one-day escape that transports you to a world of adventure away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Arriving in Paradise

Reaching Catalina is swift and convenient, with ferry services like Catalina Flyer and Catalina Express offering wheelchair-accessible transport from various ports, including Long Beach, San Pedro, and San Diego. For those preferring a quicker journey, consider IEX Helicopters, providing accessible flights from select airports.

Top 10 Accessible Activities on Catalina Island

Let’s delve into the array of accessible experiences awaiting you on this enchanting island paradise

1. Avalon Scenic Tour

Hop aboard an accessible tour bus and embark on a scenic journey around Avalon, Catalina’s main town. Enjoy panoramic views of the coastline, historic landmarks, and stunning vistas, all while comfortably seated in an accessible vehicle.

2. Descanso Beach Club

Relax and unwind at Descanso Beach Club. Descanso Beach Club boasts the sole beachside restaurant and bar on Catalina Island. What sets this establishment apart is its unique offerings: guests can indulge in alcoholic beverages directly on the beach, a rarity in California. Additionally, it stands as one of the few remaining private beaches in the state that welcomes public access. (The Descanso Beach Club Restaurant is wheelchair accessible.)

3. Wrigley Memorial & Botanical Garden

Explore the island’s natural beauty at the Wrigley Memorial & Botanical Garden, where wheelchair-friendly paths wind through lush gardens and showcase Catalina’s unique flora. Don’t miss the iconic memorial, offering sweeping views of the island. (Accessible paths wind through lush gardens.)

4. Glass Bottom Boat Tour

Discover Catalina’s underwater wonders on a glass-bottom boat tour. The vessels provide an up-close look at colorful marine life, coral reefs, and kelp forests, all without leaving the comfort of your seat. (Vessels are not wheelchair accessible available.)

5. Catalina Island Museum

Delve into the island’s rich history and culture at the Catalina Island Museum. Accessible exhibits and guided tours offer insight into Catalina’s past, from its Native American heritage to its Hollywood connections. (Accessible exhibits and tours available.)

6. Catalina Wine Mixer

Every year, wine enthusiasts come together to celebrate at the Catalina Wine Mixer, hosted at Descanso Beach Club. Tickets for this popular event sell out fast, so it’s recommended to book well in advance. With a delightful blend of wine, gourmet cuisine and live music. For further details, visit our website.

7. Snorkeling Excursion

Dive into Catalina’s crystal-clear waters on an snorkeling excursion. Expert guides lead participants to vibrant underwater reefs, where colorful fish and marine life abound. (Snorkeling excursions are not wheelchair accessible.)

8. Catalina Casino Tour

Step back in time with a tour of the Catalina Casino, a historic Art Deco landmark. Accessible tours provide insight into the casino’s glamorous past, from its heyday as a Hollywood hotspot to its present-day cultural significance. (Accessible tours offered.)

9. Golf Cart Exploration

Explore Catalina’s charming streets and scenic viewpoints aboard a golf cart. Accessible rentals allow visitors to traverse the island with ease, soaking in panoramic views of the coastline and interior. (Accessible golf cart tours or rentals available.)

10. Haunted Catalina Ghost Tour

Experience the island’s spooky side on a wheelchair-accessible ghost tour. Led by knowledgeable guides, these tours offer insight into Catalina’s paranormal history, with stops at haunted landmarks and eerie sites. (Wheelchair-accessible ghost tours offered.)

From scenic tours to thrilling adventures, Catalina Island offers a wealth of accessible activities for visitors of all abilities. Come discover the magic of Catalina, where every moment promises unforgettable experiences amidst coastal splendor.

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